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Bamboo weave craft - The Heritage Artifacts

Bamboo weave craft

Bamboo Basketry is perhaps the most ancient craft practiced by man. In Bengal, Basketry is a bread earner for several artisans spread across the state.
Nowadays they are making diversified products which can be termed as connoisseurs’ items: jewellery, lampshades, pen holders, kitchen accessories etc. The products marked by finesse and have a good worldwide market. This craft has huge potential as it is eco-friendly, presentable, relatively cheap and light weight.

In the making process, bamboo is cut into pieces as per the desired sizes and is soaked in water for nearly three days, they are then sun dried and slices are made of desired shapes and sizes. Slices are generally thin to make it pliable so are easier to twine and weave. A wide variety of patterns can be made by changing the size, colour, or placement of a certain style of weave. To achieve a multi-coloured effect, the artists first dye the twine and then weave them together in elaborate patterns.

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