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Marble Carving - The Heritage Artifacts

Marble Craft

Marble being an exquisite natural stone, is the most favoured one by sculptors, who find its surface relatively soft and easy to work when first quarried, to the time it becomes hard and dense when aged. The white marble from Makrana, Rajasthan possess a finer grain when compared to its other alternative craft stone, making the surface ideal for rendering minute details for various decorative works.

It became a stone of choice for Mughals emperors, especially Shah-Jahan, who ordered the construction of Taj mahal using the same white marble from Rajasthan. It was during this period when the marble crafts reached its peak in medieval India.
Agra in Uttar Pradesh is famous for its marble carving and Jali work or stone tracery which is carved out from a single piece of marble. Artisans here produce variety of products including god figurines, home décor and utility items like coasters sets, pen stand, jewellery boxes, bath sets, mortar pestle and many more.

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