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The Heritage Artifacts

About Us

India's rich cultural heritage and centuries of evolutionary tradition is manifested by the huge variety of handicrafts made all over the country. Handicrafts are a mirror of the cultural identity of the ethnic people who make it.

Handicrafts of India are diverse, rich in history, culture and religion. The craft of each state in India reflect the influence of different empires. Throughout centuries, crafts have been embedded as a culture and tradition within rural communities.

The Heritage Artifacts is a digital platform to showcase & share the talent of Indian artisans with the whole world. It is part of the Heritage Group based in Agra & sister concern of the prestigious Heritage Institute of Hotel & Tourism. This project has been launched recently under the entrepreneurship of Amit Pramanik & Upasana Singh & intend to spread the awareness of handcrafted items from the most interior parts of India.

The Heritage Artifacts
The Heritage Artifacts

Our Brand Values

  • Ensure fair pricing practice with all our artisans, promote their efforts & help them to improve their standard of living.
  • Provide the best of quality to our customers in terms of product as well as service.
  • Our prices are what we display against the products & it is inclusive of everything. There are no additional or hidden charges once you add them to the cart.
  • We try our best to work in eco-friendly way, be it our products or our day-to-day operations.
  • We are very proud of our country and will always strive to contribute to its economic development.
  • Apart from showcasing our products, we intent to make our website informative with lot of content so that people come to know about the rich culture of different parts of India and also gain knowledge about the wide variety of art forms practiced here since ages.

Handicrafts are a medium to maintain & conserve the rich traditional art forms & heritage along with the talents which are associated with the people’s history & lifestyle. Our country is blessed with innumerable high skilled artisans who have increased the eminence of Indian handicrafts round the globe. Undoubtedly, they are important asset in terms of the economic development of the country. Also we should not forget that this handicraft industry employs majority of the people from the weaker section of the society, who earn their livelihood from their creative pieces of art & this way India is guiding the preservation of its artisans & their different art forms.

We have launched this website with a limited number of products & we have covered few of our states so far. But with time & your support we are confident to grow more & reach the maximum variety of handicraft & serve the maximum number of artisans across the country.

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