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Walnut wood - The Heritage Artifacts

Walnut wood

The raw material used for the fine woodcarving of Kashmir is obtained from walnut tree locally known as ‘Doon Kul’ and is cut only once it matures to an age of 300 years. Kashmir is one of the few places in the world where walnut is still available at an altitude of 5500–7500 feet above sea level. The wood is hard and durable, its close grain and even texture facilitate fine and detailed work. It also presents visually interesting effects with mere plain polished surfaces.

Wood used for carving can be from the root or trunk of the tree. The wood derived from the root is almost black with the grain more pronounced than the wood from the trunk, which is lighter in color. Branches have the lightest color with no noticeable grain. It is actually the dark part of wood, which is best for carving as it is strong and Kashmir craftsman rejoices in carving intricate and varied designs.

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