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Wooden Handicraft - The Heritage Artifacts

Wooden Handicraft

In India, wooden handicraft has flourished over the centuries. Handcrafted wooden items are a prevalent feature of Indian culture. Skilled artisans carve traditional designs on wooden items and enhance their look by painting them or decorate with intricate metal / ivory inlay work. The magnetic appeal of Indian Wooden Handicrafts lies in its exclusivity.

India is blessed with a vast number of tree species, most of which are deciduous and evergreen. Alpine forests and trees belonging to arid regions are also present. These trees are used extensively to manufacture wooden handicrafts. Wooden handicrafts of India are renowned for beauty, durability and utility. Wooden handicrafts include furniture, utensils, boxes, finely carved figurines, home decor etc.

In our collection, we have these crafts from different places of India –
1. Kadam wood craft from Jaipur.
2. Sisham and Mango wood craft from Saharanpur and Bishnupur.
3. Walnut wood craft from Srinagar.

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