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Horn Handicraft

The horn-bone handicraft products made in Sambhal are immensely popular. The raw material used for making these craft items is procured from dead animals that make this industry environment friendly.
Horn is, by its nature, a very good material for making things. Crafting these horns as an art requires good skill and very few people can do it. It is soft enough to be worked easily, while being hard and tough enough to be durable under most circumstances. It can be heated & then flattened cut and carved. When horn gets hotter, it gradually reaches a point where it becomes plastic enough to mould and shape.

Sambhal’s horn and bone products are known all over the world. In fact, the horn-bone handicrafts made here are exported to various countries. Sambhal offers a wide range of decorative horn-bone handicrafts that are available in different attractive looks, designs, and patterns.

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