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Buffalo horn

Horns are pointed projections, from the forehead of animals such as bison, sheep, goats, cattle and buffalo, they start to grow soon after birth and continue to grow throughout the life of the animal. Unlike members of the deer family both the male and the female have horns.
Horn consists of two distinct parts: a short inner core of living bone and an outer covering. This outer covering is made of keratin (the same material as our nails and hair) and is more or less hollow except for the very tip.

Buffalo horn has thermoplastic properties, which means it can be softened and made malleable by heating. It can then be bent, shaped and moulded into various contours to create wonderful horn products. Un-worked buffalo horn has a rough dull surface, however after sanding and polishing, the horn takes on a smooth glossy appearance, it is only at this stage that it’s true colors appear. Buffalo horn is generally of light creamy colour, streaked with brown or black patches.

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