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Meenakari Craft - The Heritage Artifacts

Meenakari Craft

Meenakari is the process of painting and coloring the surfaces of various metals, marble stone and ceramic tiles through enamelling. The art of enamelling metal for ornamental reasons has been traced back to the Parthian and Sassanid period of Iranian history. The Moghuls introduced it into India and perfected the technique making the design applied on objects more intricate. In the 20th century Iranian artisans specializing in Meenakari were invited to India to assist with training local craftsmen.

In India Jaipur is the main centre of Meenakari, other parts of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Lucknow also practice this art is their own style. Traditional Mughal colours like red, green and white, dominate the art of enamelling in Jaipur. The rich, ruby red color used here is highly sought after.
Meenakari is not only ideal to create traditional jewellery but nowadays artisans have diversified to create decorative vases, figurines, wall decor, crockeries, wooden artifacts and lots more.

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