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Dariyapur, West Bengal - The Heritage Artifacts

Dariyapur, West Bengal

Dariyapur is located near Guskara in the Barddhaman district of West Bengal. The village is very beautiful, at one side of the road there is the green vistas – crops gently dancing in the mild breeze. The other side of the road have orchards and village dwellings. It is a small place having around 30 families of artisans practicing dokra craft and almost everyone here is a craftsman.

Today this art has lot of constraints, rising raw material cost, also every single piece is time consuming, may take up to 3 days to complete. Because of these, lot of artisans have turned to other means of livelihood, but still there are some for whom Dokra remains the first love. Their love for the craft and their persistence to continue with this age-old craft makes them special. They are the upholders of a dying legacy as well as the cultural heritage of West Bengal.

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