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Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh - The Heritage Artifacts

Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh

Sambhal city lies in the north of state of Uttar Pradesh and is quite close to the national capital, New Delhi. The city and its surrounding region have a rich history of being ruled at different points of time by several different kings and dynasties. From the 5th century onwards, Sambhal has been continuously inhabited and ruled by the Lodis, the Mughals and, finally, the British. Today, Sambhal city maintains its rich, cultural diversity with well-preserved shrines of Sufi saints existing peacefully side by side with beautiful ancient temples.

Despite of having a rich historical background, horn craft is less known in India. It has a vast range of products and almost every part is useful, eco- friendly and unique in its kind. Buffalo horn, considered a waste, is aptly used to make beautiful crafts such as buttons, jewellery , crockery, cutlery, showpieces and many more.

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