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Personalised Gifting Solution

India is a country of celebrations, all we need is a reason to celebrate, it can be festivals, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, housewarming, baby shower, corporate events, the list is endless because we should celebrate even the smallest achievements of our life that makes us happy.

When we celebrate, we share our happiness through gifts and there is nothing like the right gift that shows our love and appreciation for each other. Personalised gifts are the best to make someone feel special, honoured, and respected. At The Heritage Artifacts, we have curated a unique collection of handcrafted items that can have name, logo, personal images, and messages. Please browse through this exclusive collection and select the gift of your choice.


Handicraft of Different Places in India

From thousands of years, since the Indus Valley civilisation, India is known for its art and fascinating handicrafts which is still famous around the world. Our artifacts are masterpiece of creativity and unique in craftsmanship. They gorgeously capture the rich culture of India. Because of these qualities, people love to buy them for their homes as well as for gifting others.

Different Indian states and cities have their own distinctive culture and beauty. Each place also has its local alluring handicrafts with all their expressive charm to offer.

From traditional to contemporary, if you are looking to buy some of the best handicraft that India has to offer, please make your way through this page.


Famous Craft forms of India

Handicraft products are those which are either completely made by hand or produced by the use of simple tools. Manual labour of an artisan plays the central role in the production of a handicraft. Handicrafts could serve different purposes and significance- aesthetic, cultural, functional, decorative, religious and above all livelihood. The knowledge and trade of making these beautiful products are often handed down from generation to generation

In this changing and globalizing world where machines have replaced manual labour, Indian artisans have preserved their unique handicrafts which are a symbol of our heritage and civilization spanning millennia.

Here you will find some of the most treasured craft forms of India practiced since centuries.


Take Care of Your Handicraft

Possessing a variety of handicraft products always has its own satisfaction. Many of us love to buy various handicraft products that are considered rare. Not everyone likes to buy branded goods, many people prefer to collect unique items related to our Indian culture & tradition.

Now, collecting these special items that we like is not just a matter of buying and storing it. They also require proper care so that the beauty and durability is maintained over the period of time. Well, this is where we need to know how to treat our handicraft products properly.

Generally, handicraft items are produced by rural artisans with very basic and natural raw materials. They do not have the resources or expertise to use refined raw materials. So, handicraft products require much more attention than our regular day to day use items.

Please learn here how you can take care of your valuable artistic pieces.

Customized Order

Place a Custom Order With Us

The Heritage Artifacts sources its products directly from the artisans based in different parts of the country or from local suppliers who are based in those areas. We keep a nominal quantity of each product in stock so that once ordered, we can despatch it to our customers on time. We do not hold bulk inventory of any product.

However, we are always ready to supply bigger quantities based on your preference about any of our product or products. We can also customize any design of your choice & supply you the required quantity.

The Heritage Artifacts
The Heritage Artifacts
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We Ship Overseas Also

We do ship internationally, but advance information of your delivery location is required via our email, WhatsApp or phone call for the correct calculation of courier cost, local taxes and transit time. Currency converter is available at the bottom left-hand side where you can check the product price in your local currency. Once you agree to the final cost and transit time and make payment in advance, the desired product will be shipped to your address.

Inhouse facility

Sculpture Design Services

At The Heritage Artifacts, we have an inhouse team of professional thinkers, designers, creative artists and sculptors who believe in details and new concept designs which enhance the space in terms of aesthetics.
The sculptures that we design are truly handmade, that means we do not use hi-tech machineries which are used in factories for mass production. The key feature of handmade sculpture is that we don’t lack the traditional old making processes which nowadays are not used for making sculptures. This way we provide employment to our locally available artisans which helps to raise their standard of living and also contribute to the nation's economy.

We do provide custom design services that include any shape, size, material, color as per client’s design and desire. In terms of size, it can be a minimum 6-inch sculpture up to any size required. In terms of material, it can be fibreglass (FRP), aluminium, brass and bronze. in terms of color it depends on the theme of the sculpture.

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