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Terracotta Handmade Tea / Coffee Kettle with Glazed Design - 500 ml

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Product code: THA013TC
Regular price Rs. 1,495.00
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Product Information

Bring home a piece of ancient history and modern design with our 100% handcrafted natural terracotta Tea/Coffee Kettle. Ergonomic in design and style, this kettle can be a part of your authentic kitchenware collection. Perfect for serving tea, coffee or a hot beverage, the terracotta kettle infuses an earthy aroma into the beverage and enhances your living space aesthetics.

Material - Clay

Color - Brown & Black

Dimensions - Length 23 cms, Width 13 cms, Height 15 cms

Net weight - 660 gms

Made in Bishnupur

Care instructions - clean with normal water only

Since this is handmade, kindly consider small flaws and color variations

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