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Natural Buffalo Horn Dotted Serving Bowl With Spoon and Fork Set - 6 inches dia

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Product code: THA012HR
Regular price Rs. 2,975.00
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Product Information

When horn gets hotter, it gradually reaches a point where it becomes flexible enough to mould and shape. This bowl is made in a similar way with perfect round finish. Dotting the interior part one by one uniformly also need great skills. Later on the bowls are polished to perfection and coated for food safety. Avoid using for hot food, it might damage the shine and polish of the bowl.

Material - Buffalo horn

Color - Natural

Dimensions - Diameter 15 cms, Height 4 cms

Length of the Spoon and Fork is 22 cms

Net weight - 210 gms

Made in Sambhal

Care instructions - clean with normal water only

Since this is handmade, kindly consider small flaws and color variations

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